Nov 20, 2010

┢┦aΡpy ♡ Loy Krathong Festival ♡

Loy Krathong Festival
                Loy Krathong Day is one of the most popular festivals of Thailand celebrated annually on the Full-Moon Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month.  It takes place at a time when the weather is fine as the rainy season is over and   there is a high water level all over the country.                                                                                  
The word “Loy” means “to float”, and “Krathong” means lotus-shaped vessel made of banana leaves. Loy Krathong is, therefore the floating of an illuminated leaf bowl.  But nowadays some krathongs are made of coloured paper.  A krathong usually contains a candle, three joss sticks, some flowersand coins.                                                                                    
 The history of Loy Krathong Festival is slightlyobscure.  First, it is to ask for apology from the water goddess for having used and sometimes made rivers and canals dirty.  Second, it is to offer flowers, candles and joss sticks as a tribute to the footprint of Lord Buddha on the sandy beach of the Nammatha River in India.  Third, it is to show gratitude to the Phra Mae Kong Ka or Mother of Water.  Fourth, it is to wash away the previous year’s misfortunes.

So…..Tomorrow is Loy Krathong Festival. 
we sing Loy Krathong together. 

Loy Krathong song

November full moon shine
Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong
And the water high
In the gold river and the Klong
Loy Loy Krathong
Loy Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong is here
And everybody full of cheer
We're together at the Klong
Each one with his Krathong
As we push away we pray,
We can see a better day


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