Oct 14, 2010

┢┦эllö ΈvэRΫoѝe

At first, i gonna introduce myself 。◕‿◕。
My name is Aliz Law 
maid of Midnight Ecstasy Host & Maid Club on Facebook.
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 XD. i live in Bkk you know? (ask me ask me)
Anyone think I'm arrogant. But in fact, i'm friendly. hu hu

Nickname : Aliz
Age : 21 y/o
Height : 162
Character : Friendly, Sweet & Romantic, Shy? >.<
Color : Black and Purple
Item : Teddy Bear
Favorite Food : Pasta, Cream soup, Lasagna. Spaghetti Carbonara
Favorite Drink : Soda water, Kamigaze, Blueberry Heaven, Apple jack
Language : English, Thai, little Japanese, little Chinese

Finally, nice to meet u ≧▽≦

my personal blog  ΆןϊΖ 


  1. oh i just noticed.
    This is ur new blog?

  2. hello Aliz
    i just know u 21 y/o haha
    u look younger
    see ya romance girl

  3. haha thx u everyone im Aliz nE~oh yeah im 21 y/o u believe that? XD and this is my new blog but my old blog i still update ne~ see me everyblog up to u :p and finally thx for all comment that u visit me ^ ^ bye

  4. comment againg ne~
    hey hey im not romance girl ne~ haha im just ordinary girl